4 important things to know if you are in pre-foreclosure

Getting a default notice is the most devastating thing that can happen to a homeowner. It practically means a house is in pre-foreclosure and the owner is on the verge of losing it.  Because most homeowners are unsure of what to do in this situation, they make costly mistakes that will eventually cost them their homes. To help distressed sellersContinue reading “4 important things to know if you are in pre-foreclosure”

Terrible Mistakes Homeowners Make in Pre-foreclosure

Pre-foreclosure starts when your lender sends you a default notice. It is the first step to repossessing your home. At this point, you either pay up your mortgage loan or work out another solution. Fortunately, pre-foreclosure takes time – a few months in states like Utah and longer in places like New York. Therefore, homeownersContinue reading “Terrible Mistakes Homeowners Make in Pre-foreclosure”

Why should I sell my home to an investor during pre-foreclosure?

Many homeowners in pre-foreclosure have no idea their properties still legally belong to them. They believe the house already belongs to their lender and start making plans to move out. So, it is usually surprising to them when we tell them that they still own their house and can sell it before foreclosure. Selling aContinue reading “Why should I sell my home to an investor during pre-foreclosure?”