About Bost Redevelopment

Our Mission

At Bost Redevelopment, our mission is to help home sellers solve their biggest problems by providing them with a stress-free home selling experience while maximizing their profit. Using a combination of technological innovations and in-depth marketing knowledge, we help our customers get excellent deals. 

Our focus

Our clients’ happiness is our number one priority. We listen to what they want and help them achieve the best outcome by leveraging our expert negotiation skills and advanced technologies. Beyond that, we give them the best customer support to ensure that the home selling process is stress-free. Our aim is to leverage our unique strategy to help them maximize their profit by generating a bidding war that will drive up the market value of their home.

Meet Devin Bost

Picture of Devin Bost

While growing up, Devin witnessed the foreclosure of his family home. This memory became one of the main reasons why he chose to be a real estate agent. Through this burning passion, he aims to take away the disappointments, stresses, and sorrows homeowners face when selling their homes. 

But, passion is not the only thing Devin has to offer. With over ten years of experience developing software, he has also grown into a genius marketer, a brilliant negotiator, and an experienced problem solver. A vivid display of these skills occurred when he led a team to develop and sell a system that processed over ten billion transactions per day and grossed over $140 million in annual revenue. 

Devin scored 95th percentile (top 5%) while studying for the real estate exam. Not satisfied with that, he continues to learn from the top real estate agents, including those who regularly gross over $100 million in annual sales. He later joined the iProRealtyNetworks to benefit from their systems, expertise, automation, and technology. 

With the combined 25 years of real estate experience between Devin and his team at iProRealtyNetworks, and with Devin’s unique skills and professionalism, clients will get to experience a service that no other real estate professional in the state can offer you.

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