Moving Out After a Home Sale: 7 Expert Tips to Make the Process Stress-free

A man moving out after a home sale

After putting your house up for sale, ideally, you need to relocate before buyers start trooping in for inspection. Remaining in your home during this period may prevent you from properly staging your home. Besides, your family may be in discomfort from having to continually leave home on inspection days and every time a potential buyer wants to visit the property.

Moving out of a home can be stressful and time-consuming for even the most organized person. But you don’t have to worry. By putting certain things in place, you can make your moving day fun and stress-free. If you are looking for ways to make moving more comfortable, follow our expert tips below.

Tips to follow when preparing to move out

Planning makes everything easier. The following tips will help ensure that you do not forget anything or misplace your items when moving out.

1. Send out address change notices

Create a list of people and companies you’d need to notify of your address change. Forgetting to do this could lead to problems like having vital mail sent to your old address. Prioritize your relatives, friends, employer(s), banks, and government agencies when creating this list. 

Next, contact your utility companies (water, electricity, cable services, etc). Let them know you are moving so they don’t bill for services you no longer enjoy. If you have a home business, you will need to itemize every business account that needs to be updated.

2. Create a checklist

A moving checklist created by a home seller moving out

For most people, packing before relocation can be very exhausting. They always worry about what to pack, how to pack, and when to start packing. The best way to counter this worry is to make a moving checklist. 

With a moving list, you can easily itemize and group the things you want to pack. That way, you are less likely to forget anything. Read further for tips on what, how, and when to pack.

3. Book a professional mover ahead

Moving on your own is stressful. If you are moving to a place not far off, you could seek help from relatives or friends. However, if you are moving far away, it would be wise to book a moving company instead. 

Make sure you contact the mover in advance to avoid disappointment on the D-day. You should also check in with them a day before to ensure that your appointment is still on.

Best tips to follow for moving out

1. Start early

We suggest you start packing once you plan to relocate. You don’t have to wait a week or two weeks before the moving day. If you don’t prepare until a few days before moving, you might get overwhelmed with stress. Or worse, forget essential items you want to take along to your new home. It’s also just as painful to rush the packing process and not know where you put certain things. 

One way to start early is to dedicate a few hours each day to packing. You could assign a different day to each room to make the process smoother.

2. Label all boxes

Color-code your boxes according to the rooms they belong to and label the contents in each one. Then mark the rooms of the new home with matching colors. For example, if the bedroom boxes are tagged green, put a green indicator in front of the new bedroom.

This tip would help your movers know where to put a box without having to read the labels. The labels will then serve to guide you when unpacking. 

3. Separate fragile items

Ensure that you tag and separate packages containing fragile belongings like mirrors, chandeliers, etc. But that’s not all. Here are a few tips to follow when packing fragile items: 

  • Use packing paper and bubble wraps, and for an extra layer of protection, you can get them at Home Depot.
  • Do not overpack your boxes of fragile items.
  • Also, don’t leave spaces for fragile items to move around.
  • Instead, use packing paper between them for protection.
  • You can use bubble wrap on each item to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Pack fragile items (like plates) vertically after wrapping them with the bubble wrap.

4. Pack your things

An empty moving box set down by a homeowner

To avoid overburdening yourself, you should move only the things needed in your new home. Don’t take your old/unused clothes, shoes, and tools along. You might as well sell them during a garage sale or give them away to a charity like Deseret Industries to get a tax break.

5. Keep valuables on you

Your valuables such as important documents (e.g., passport), jewelry, medications, and money should be with you at all times. Or, if you can, assign someone to look over them while you pack. You don’t want them to go missing during the moving process. Imagine the hassle it would take to get a new passport.

Also, you can never tell who is watching. Some people will offer to help you pack because they are looking to steal these items.

6. Take inventory of items 

You should take inventory of everything that goes into the moving truck. This is especially important if your belongings will be moved to storage first before delivery to the new home. With an inventory in place, you can easily track and recover your boxes when they get lost.

7. Don’t pack certain items with other belongings

A fire extinguisher not packed during the moving out process

You should put items like tools, appliances, and cleaning chemicals in clearly marked boxes. You may want to ask the mover for help when packaging them. Other things you should pack separately are fire extinguishers, heating agents, etc.

8. Don’t rush

Trying to rush through the moving process will put you at a significant disadvantage. You should not try to save time or finish fast. You will get tired quickly and may forget essential items. Take all the time you need. You might even take two days to do this – provided that you have all you need in your new home

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