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How we can help you sell your house fast and for more value

Presently, properties in Utah, especially Orem, are scarce. Despite this scarcity, many home sellers still find it difficult to sell for more. This problem is mainly caused by agents who lack the technical expertise to leverage modern marketing approaches and technologies to reach buyers in the most engaging ways. 

To get the best value for your property, you have to maximize the exposure and impressions. However, the successful sale of your home also depends on other factors. These factors include rightly pricing your home, making necessary repairs, and staging properly.

Fortunately for you, the experts at Bost Redevelopment have the solutions to all your house selling struggles. We use modern marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology to maximize your ability to sell your house fast and for the best value. How do we achieve this? This article explains how our expert team solves the most pressing problems home sellers face when marketing their house for sale.

1. The problem – Attracting buyers.

An informative picture showing the iProRealty internet marketing strategy

To sell for more, the first thing you’d need to do is attract buyers. If you can’t appeal to a large number of homebuyers, you may not get to sell your house at your preferred price.

Think about this way: Two people want to buy an item worth $20,000. One of them has $10,000 and the other $12,000. If they become aware of each other’s interest, one buyer may decide to get a loan and up their bid to $13,000. In response, the other buyer may also get a loan and bid $15,000. Now let’s say a third buyer comes in and bids $16,000 cash. The second buyer will be forced to get more loans and increase their bid to $18,000, and if they can’t get that loan, their offer could collapse. However, despite the gradual increase in offers, no one may be interested in matching the asking price due to less competition. But with a pool of 10 buyers, the competition for the item can help get your asking price or even sell for more.

However, you should note that contingencies play a role in how much you sell your home.  

What is home sale contingency?

A home sale contingency defines a real estate agreement whereby the purchase of a home will only happen if the seller meets certain conditions. So, when selling a home, the person who offers the highest price isn’t always the best offer because they can pull out if the house doesn’t meet their bank’s loan requirement. 

One way that an offer can be stronger is if it avoids contingencies that could make it fail. For example, a bid from a buyer that is paying full cash can help you avoid financing contingency. In this case, such a buyer’s offer may be better than the highest bidder who may still require a loan to complete the transaction because it eliminates the risk of the buyer exiting the sale before it closes.

How can Bost Redevelopment help you attract many buyers?

We attract a large pool of home-shoppers by going to where they are. There are two primary ways to do this, internet marketing and social media marketing.

Internet marketing:

A search bar depicting that Bost Redevelopment can help you attract homebuyers through the internet and social media marketing

The internet is the first place home buyers go when looking for houses for sale. We will expose your home to them through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But we won’t stop the exposure there. As a member of the iProRealty network, we have access to thousands of websites where we will post your property to capture every buyer. We will make sure that your home shows up on big real estates websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Homie (indigenous to Utah). Classified sites like Craigslist or KSL will not be left out.

Lastly, a personalized website will be set up for your property so that interested buyers can see more photos and information about your home. 

Social media marketing:

Since we aim to expose your home to every home-shopper in the market, we also use social media for marketing your home. We will regularly promote your home on all relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to attract their frequent users. We also leverage AI-driven marketing through these platforms to target people who fit the criteria of likely buyers for your home.

How does our real estate solution benefit you?

Attracting a large pool of buyers will:

  • Make it easier for you to say no to buyers that make extreme demands.
  • Guarantee you find a quick replacement if your prospective buyer changes their mind or if the transaction fails.
  • Ensure you get decent earnest money to help cover the expenses incurred if your prospective buyer suddenly pulls out.
  • Drive up prices through competitive bidding on your house. 
  • Allow you to select the best offer with fewer contingencies.

2. The problem – Making your house look good online.

A flying drone taking aerial pictures of a house for sale

You may have come across low-quality photographs of houses for sale. These types of pictures make it hard to sell a property as, according to statistics, homes with high-quality images sell 32% faster

Also, shady homebuyers specifically look for houses for sale with poor pictures. They know it indicates an inexperienced seller. These buyers then use deceptive negotiation tactics to purchase the property at a lower price, such as lying to the seller about market conditions, costs to fix the property, etc.

How can Bost Redevelopment make your home look good online?

We know how to make your house look good on photographs to any buyer. And we do this with the use of the latest technologies like:

3-Layer HD Photography: 

When people say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” they mean an excellent picture. That is why our marketing starts by taking high-quality photographs of your home. We will have our photographers use a unique 3-layer photography technique to show what’s inside the house and outside the house (when taking pictures that include windows.) Regular photography can’t do this as it will create a glare that prevents people from seeing all the details on both sides of the window. These pictures will then be used to make a presentation tour, a listing video, and a mobile tour. 

Aerial/drone photography:

However, the ideal images of a property are taken between 10 and 15 ft above the ground. Hence, we will also use aerial drone photography to capture the property’s essence, beauty, and value. For larger properties, it highlights the landscape and captures niceties about the surrounding neighborhood. To put it simply, aerial photography is the best way to show the proximity of a house to amenities, stores, and the entire area.

Virtual reality:

A man putting on a virtual reality headset and going through a VR tour of a house for sale

Sometimes, even the best pictures cannot do justice to a property. This is why we use virtual reality. This top-notch technology allows buyers to feel how great it would be to live in your house. As illustrated in our homepage, a virtual tour will make it easier for prospective buyers to decide if seeing your property in person is worth the effort – especially if they live outside the state or country.

How does our real estate solution benefit you?

Making your house look good online will:

  • Help communicate your house details to buyers. For example, an aerial picture of your house near a park speaks louder than writing “near park” in the description.
  • Inspire buyers to reach out to you faster, especially if they love what they see
  • Make it easier for prospective buyers to show their family and get them excited about the property.
  • Allow buyers to experience the feeling of being inside your home before even setting foot in it. (This is especially great for out-of-state buyers and people who are concerned about catching respiratory viruses.)

3. The problem – Local marketing

A house with a yard sign with the word

Many sellers lose the opportunity to sell for more because they overlook the potential buyers next door. These set of people may have family members or friends who will want to buy your house, but how will they know your home is for sale if it is not marketed – locally? 

How can Bost Redevelopment help you solve this problem?

There are four ways to call the attention of those around you to the fact that you have a house for sale. These methods are:


As expected, we will list your house on the local Multiple Listing Service or the “MLS.” Here we will showcase the pictures, videos, and virtual tour we’ve created along with a detailed description of your home to attract buyers.

Yard sign

We will set up a yard sign with a 24-hour info line. Potential buyers who call the number on the sign will get information about your house and a text link to the mobile tour. 


People around you need to know that you have a house for sale. We do that by creating colorful flyers for neighbors and home shoppers to take along with them. 

Door knocking

A neighbor's door about to be knocked on so we can tell them about your house for sale

Not many real estate agents will actually knock on all of your neighbors’ doors, but we do! Neighbors often love the idea of being able to choose who lives near them.  Our outreach will motivate them to spread the word to friends and family to buy your house to live nearby. 

How does our real estate solution benefit you?

Effective local marketing contributes to the successful sale of a home. What do the statistics say about our local marketing tactics?

  • According to NAR, 12% of properties are sold via local marketing tactics like open house signs and marketing to close people.
  • 64% of realtors believe local MLS websites are one of the most valuable tools for a successful home sale

4. The problem – Ethics and professionalism

A depiction of two ethical and professional Bost Redevelopment staff members

Most sellers get one of these two types of realtors – the “i-don’t-care” realtors (aka discount brokerages) or the outdated realtor. 

The first type of realtor does little to help the buyer besides supervising the transaction. Sellers who choose them are forced to market their property without expert representation. Because these sellers don’t know how to handle the challenges that come with the process, they eventually get a bad deal.

The other type of realtor touts old methods for marketing your home. They still cling to advertising through media such as the newspaper and often won’t even do much more than list the MLS house. These methods alone can’t help you get the best value from your property, as only a handful of people would see your home’s listing.

Both options spell tragedy for the average home seller. Fortunately for you, you have a third option—a complete opposite of the aforementioned types of realtors: the Bost Redevelopment team.

What makes Bost Redevelopment different?

five apples lined up with only the middle apple in color

The professionals at Bost Redevelopment are guided by strict industry standards. We understand you work hard for your home, so we won’t rest until we sell your house at the right price. 

Our founder, Devin Bost, inspires our team’s professionalism. As a Realtor, real estate investor, and expert software developer with experience spanning various industries, Bost’s skills go beyond marketing and networking; they extend towards negotiation, a skill crucial for sellers looking to sell to the right buyer.

What truly makes us our team stand out is that we hold ourselves to the highest transparency standards. Nothing gets hidden from you. We seek to give our clients the best house selling experience by guiding them through every step of the sale – from the marketing to the closing. We treat every home seller like the treasure they are.

So, if you’re ready to get your property sold for more, call (801) 900-3071 or message us today through the form below & let’s start now!

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